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101 Facebook Marketing Tips & Strategies

101 Facebook Marketing Tips


101 Facebook Marketing Tips & Strategies For Small Businesses Would you like to discover the biggest marketing trends in 2016 for growing your business with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp? Imagine being able to leverage the latest Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies to increase the bottom line for your business. Have you seen these impressive numbers? Facebook: 1.59 billion monthly active users.
WhatsApp: 1 billion monthly active users.
Facebook Messenger: 800 million monthly active users.
Instagram: 400 million monthly active users. All of these services are owned by Facebook, and together they form a Facebook marketing ecosystem which allows you to access up to 3.79 billion users combined. As a trainer and speaker, I have given Facebook marketing workshops in different corners of the world, from Madrid to Miami and from Dubai to Helsinki, and have met many business owners who are excited to use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, but are unaware of the correct strategies and techniques to follow.
That is why I wrote this guidebook offering such a large number of tools, techniques and strategies every business owner can quickly apply and benefit from. After reading this book you will know: How to reach more clients and sell more products on Facebook using the best tools and techniques.
How to spy on how your competitors do their Facebook marketing and avoid making the same mistakes they make.
What are some of the most beneficial new features on Facebook in 2016.
How to set up your security and privacy settings correctly for your personal Facebook profile and improve your personal branding on Facebook.
How to leverage the explosive growth of Facebook video marketing and maximize communication with potential customers.
Some of the biggest mistakes businesses commit with Facebook advertising and how to avoid them.
A secret targeting technique which can significantly improve your Facebook advertising campaigns.
Special Facebook Messenger communication strategies that can help you to improve your customer service.
WhatsApp marketing strategies that helped one company to expand their business internationally and improve their sales.
And a whole lot moreā€¦ in total 101 action tips and strategies.


Author: Lasse Rouhiainen
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